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Seductive Porn Base Videos DETOUR 18-YEAR-OLD BEST FRIENDS PICKED UP AND TRICKED BY RIDESHARE DRIVER SCENE OPENS as two 18-year-old girls, Molly and Sandra, walk out of the mall where they both work and head over to the curbside rideshare area. From inside the car, the camera watches them lean in, confirm the ride, and get into the back seat. They are being driven by a clean-cut, handsome man named Stefan, who politely greets them, confirms the pickup on his phone, and drives out of the lot. CUT TO TITLE PLATE Throughout their drive, the girls small talk about the stresses of life at home. Having both recently turned eighteen, they are very ready to graduate and become independent. Thats why they are both working at the mall - to save up for a dream backpacking trip after school ends. Stefan listens silently, smiling to himself at their banter. At a certain point, Molly, the more outspoken of the two, asks him where he is from, given his accent. When he tells them he is from Europe, they both perk up and start asking for travel advice. Thats exactly where they want to go backpacking! Stefan, who seems very worldly and sophisticated, has lots of tips on where to go and what to see from his own life experience. Both girls listen intently and exchange glances. The driver is handsome for an older guy! As they sit listening and Molly, in her awkward teenage way, tries to flirt with Stefan ... Sandra starts to notice they are not actually going towards their destination. This makes her nervous and she starts to go quiet as her best friend continues to giggle flirtatiously. The handsome man drives them to a remote area where he stops the car. Before Sandra can say anything, he informs the girls that hes made a pit-stop at his house and invites them inside. He has something he thinks they could really use for their trip. Mollys eyes go wide, and she climbs over Sandra to get out of the car. Sandra is very reserved but follows her friend. Stefan and Molly enter the house, with Sandra cautiously following. Inside his living room, Molly comments on all the unusual artwork and books in the mans library. There is an old-fashioned suitcase propped up on the coffee table. It looks like an antique. Stefan walks over and opens it, showing the girls whats inside. The camera does not see the contents but, instead, focuses on Molly and Sandras reactions. Their eyes go wide. Stefan smiles, his lips curling. He offers to give them everything inside the suitcase for free if they will simply agree to do one little thing in exchange. Sandra shrinks back and asks him what he wants. He holds his smile, staring coldly through her. I want to take some photos of you, he responds. Sandra shoots Molly a look. Molly smiles nervously, asking what kind of photos he wants. Stepping towards them, past the open suitcase they are still staring at, he explains that he wants to take some photos of them kissing. He picks up a camera resting on his piano. There is nothing to worry about, he continues. I am not a creep. I just have a real appreciation for young women! Sandra is immediately reluctant, but Molly is transfixed by the suitcase. You will give us everything in that suitcase if we kiss for you? She asks the man. He agrees. She turns to Sandra and starts trying to talk her friend into doing it. Its just a little kissing ... theyve done it at parties before. Besides, hes clearly harmless. If he was a pervert, he would have done something by now. That suitcase is exactly what they need to get away from their parents and start living! Ultimately, Sandra agrees to do it for her friend. The girls kiss for a bit while Stefan takes pictures, with Molly trying to put on a good show and Sandra remaining very awkward. Stefan seems to get off on this and zeros in on her during the photo taking. At one point, he asks Sandra if he can kiss her himself. She is super weirded out and refuses. Molly, becoming increasingly frustrated with her friend, pulls her aside again and begs her to just do it. Finally, Sandra agrees and lets the man kiss her. As he does this, he starts to hold her hands and wrap them around him. She pulls away. Stefan stops abruptly, putting his hands up. He walks back to the suitcase, closes it, tells the girls theyre wasting his time, and invites them to leave. Desperate and angry at her friend for being such a loser, Molly asks Stefan if there is anything she can do to him instead? After a long, dramatic pause, the man suggests he lick Mollys pussy, so he can get the sweet taste he craves. Not wanting to lose the opportunity, Molly agrees and goes over to the couch, pulling down the bottoms of her work uniform. The man eagerly begins to sniff and lick her, while Sandra paces around the room anxiously and tries to interject. Molly tells her to shut up and wait. Not knowing what to do, Sandra goes to a corner and tries to call her mom. Through a one-sided conversation, played out against a background of licking and sucking, the girl tries to ask her mom for a ride but ultimately chickens out. She doesnt want to rat her best friend out and the mom brushes her off. Sandra hangs up the phone, resigned, and goes back to the couch area to sit down and wait. His face full of pussy, Stefan asks to put himself inside of Molly. Swallowing hard, the girl agrees. Just please be careful, she asks, Ive only had sex twice and Im not on birth control. Sandra is outraged that her friend is taking it this far and leaps up from her seat. She begs her to stop and, while getting fucked hard, Sandra tells the reluctant girl to help her out and join in. He likes her better anyway, itll make it faster. Stefan smiles and agrees with Molly. Ill be very quick, he says politely. You might even enjoy it! Finally, not wanting to watch any longer, Sandra agrees and joins in to finish the deal. BGG Sex. Throughout the rest of the sex, Molly is eager to please Stefan and Sandra, resigned and spiteful of her friends actions, tries to fuck the man as hard as she can to get him to cum. He ends up pulling out and cumming on them both. As they dress in silence, the man locks the suitcase and hands it over. Sandra clutches it in her hands as he gives Molly the key. There, you both worked for it ... so, you each get half! He says condescendingly. They can barely look at each other. The man offers to finish the rideshare and, silently, the girls follow him out the door.
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